Coding a PSD to an HTML5 responsive template [Part 2]

Alrighty folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first part of coding a beautiful blog PSD into a fully working HTML5 responsive template where we wrote the markup and here we are in the second post where we shall style it responsively using CSS3 media queries.

To begin with let us annotate our stylesheet with the author details in the form of comments as I always prefer to do.


Template name: Yellow Blog Template
Template URI:
Version: 1.0
Designed by: Andre Noore
Designer URI:
HTML5 coded by: Nirmal Shah
Coder URI:


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12 Software Testing Techniques applied in Web Design

The web design industry has been taken by storm lately. There are tons of new comers every year bringing their style and creativity on the table. But you gotta admit that some of the work is quite below par. Coding issues, UI mismatch and worst of all UX problems are prevalent among them. Now if you’re from an I.T field you’re bound to have come across the term called software testing. They’re a string of testing techniques for those cumbersome JAVA and .NET softwares before deploying them live or before submitting them for grades.

It struck me just the last time while handling the design of a WordPress portal that why can’t we implement those testing methods on our web design projects. I took some of the most essential testing methods ranging from basic to intermediate and found fabulous results which I’d like to share with you’ll. We’ll go through the testing techniques which I leveraged upon my project and learn how can we improve from our errands. Continue reading